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Get your Personalized Discount 50% off with Knowledge Officer PRO! Learn more.

Get your Personalized Discount 50% off with Knowledge Officer PRO! Learn more.

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Knowledge Officer has 100+ mentors all over the world to help our learners reach their goals easily and improve their skills

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Our Mentors

We have more than six different career paths that will help you step closer to your dream job.

Product Management Mentors


Christoph Dargel

Senior Product Manager

Milena Stoeva

Product Lead

João Craveiro

Senior Product Manager

Mohamed Elsabry

Senior Product Manager

Dina Elhaddad

Senior Product Manager

Muhammad Ali

Product Manager

Moustafa Amin

Senior Product Manager

Omar Elorabi

Manager, Worldwide Channel Interactive Technology Programs

David Marc Siegel

Senior Product Manager

Ahmed Ibrahim

CEO, Co-Founder & Head of Products

Lenworth Gordon

Senior Technical Product Manager

Asomi Ithia

Product Manager

Mohamed Salam

Co-founder & Product Head

A. Shreef

Product Manager

Abdelrahman Wahba

Head of Product

David Vilf

Product Manager

Dilawer Hussain

CEO & Founde

Erica Mackay


Ali Mahmoud

Product Manager

Eman El-Essawy

Product Manager

Abhishek Choudary

Product Manager

Harshit Thakkar

Senior Product Manager

Weiting Bollu

SChair @RYLA & Product TA

Navin Nair

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Nirav Patel

Product Leader & Mentor | Global Program Manager

Marketing Mentors


Emad Ramzy

Director Of Sales & Marketing

Amr Al-Mansouri

Managing Director

Osama Ibrahim


Patrick Penzo

Product Marketing Manager

Mahmoud K. Youssef

Digital Marketing Strategist

Marwa Gad El-Hak

EMEA Senior Marketing Manager

Indjy Nafie

EMEA Channel Marketing Advisor

Ibrahim AbdelGhany

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

Emad Sharaki

Digital Marketing Consultant @ SEO Project Manager

Seif El-Medany

Senior Marketing Specialist

Ahmed Hegazy

Sr. Growth & Marketing Manager

Hassan Derghaam

Digital Marketing Manager

Muhammad El-Attar

Product & Growth Marketing Lead

Entrepreneurship Mentors


Jacques Marco

CEO & Co-founder

Ahmed Gaber

CTO & Co-Founder

Omar Gabr


Ahmed Arif


Ahmed Khairy


Alon Levin

Business Engineering and Partner Solutions

Suleiman Arabiat

Senior Investment Manager

Growth Management Mentors


Youssef El Akkari

Growth Consultant & Podcast Host

Hazem El-Senoussi

Managing Director

Hany Olama

General Manager & Ecommerce Expert

Yasser AbdelGawad

Co-Founder and Marketing Officer

Machine Learning Mentors


Omar Alfar

Co-Founder and CTO

Omar Mansour

Co-Founder and CTO

Customer Success & Sales Development Mentors


Ahmed ElMaghraby

Sales Manager

Nour Taher

Co-Founder & CEO

Samuel Rizk

Growth Director

Here’s what our mentors are saying…

See Wah Cheng

Senior Product Manager
@ Onfido

“Knowledge Officer is a great professional learning tool for both newbie and seasoned product managers. Content curation is spot-on, and the intuitive interface provides a great learning experience, whether you are in deep focused learning mode in front of your desk, or you are just catching up on content on-the-go.”

Shamiso Bowora

Customer Success Manager
@ Fractal Labs

“Knowledge Officer is a great resource for Customer Success Managers. It has useful modules that have been created to give you an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful Customer Success Manager. The content has been thoughtfully designed and the team looks for ways to update the modules which means you will have access to lots of useful information!“

Youssef El Akkari

Growth Consultant, Podcast Host
@ Khamsa Business

"Knowledge Officer does an amazing job filling the learning gap between confusing google searches and restrictive online courses. You’re learning from multiple, carefully curated, credible online sources. No limiting yourself to a single vision or path by a single instructor or entity, and no drowning yourself into countless hours of search. Just brilliant!"

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