Growth Manager People
Growth Manager People

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Program Length

6-months self-paced online program


Mentors from top companies


Live Sessions & hands-on projects


Get a job or your money back

What will you learn?

Knowledge Officer is a unique remote learning experience which combines personalized learning paths covering essential topics in depth and equipping you with the top industry skills of Growth Management.

Sales & Business Growth

Learn the basic cornerstones of sales, business and revenue development to prepare your company for sustainable growth.

  • Understanding Business Models
  • Pricing Strategy & Models
  • Sales Funnel
  • Sales Techniques
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Metrics
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
28 hours

Growth Marketing

Learn the marketing principles and techniques required to support business growth activities.

  • Marketing Research
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Growth Hacking
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Viral Growth
24.5 hours

Growth Strategies

Learn the different growth strategies available for scaling and how to pursue each one of them.

  • Defining your Growth Strategy
  • Hiring a Growth Team
  • Entering New Markets
  • Scaling Up
  • International Growth
  • Business Mergers & Acquisitions
21 hours

Product Growth

Learn how to design your products and services with "growth" in mind.

  • User Testing & Interviews
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Product Strategy & Vision
  • Achieving Product-Market Fit
  • Understanding Network Effects
21 hours

Analyzing Growth

Learn how to gather the right data and analyze it to gain valuable insights that drive growth.

  • Getting Growth Data
  • Analyzing Growth Data
  • Running Growth Experiments
10.5 hours

Job Opportunities

Learn the most in-demand skills in Growth Manager and land your dream job with the help of our mentors, career advisors and partners.

Growth Manager

Product Growth Manager

Growth Hacker

Performance Marketing Manager

Growth Lead

Our graduates work at top tech companies


Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you have/are:

- A minimum of 2 years of professional experience.
- A degree in business management, marketing, or any related field.
- A great focus on data and performance.
- A desire to transition into Growth Management or strengthen your existing skills.

Growth Manager

Growth Manager

Product Manager



Marketing Specialist

Growth Hacker

Sales Development Representative

Demand Generation Lead

How will you learn and progress?

Knowledge Officer Pro is designed to help you learn effectively from the best.
Here’s how we do it...


Weekly Objectives

We’ll structure your learning to keep you on track with objectives each week. Discuss them with your peers and learn with purpose.


Remote Sessions

Learn in a remote classroom setting with an expert speaker covering topics in depth. Ask questions and participate as if you’re there.


Hands-On Projects

Participate in individual and team-based hands-on projects. Learn through experience and expert feedback on your submissions.


Mentor Check-Ins

Our experienced mentors are on hand for guaranteed calls every two weeks. Get tailored advice to enhance your career.


Mock Interviews

Take a mock interview every two months to track your progress, test your skills, and prepare your self for real-world jobs.


Tailored Job Opportunities

Receive job openings specific to your location and career level. Apply with a recommendation from us and we’ll help you through the process.

Program Highlights

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160+ hours of online learning

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9-12 live learning sessions

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Bi-monthly mock interviews

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Hands-on projects & case studies

Mentor Icon

Bi-weekly mentor check-ins

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Job placement or money-back

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The Career Accelerator Pro Program costs just £1500
Select a class to apply now and supercharge your Growth Management career

March Class

Starts on Mar 31 2022 - Ends on Sep 29 2022

Live Sessions: Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

April Class

Starts on Apr 28 2022 - Ends on Oct 27 2022

Live Sessions: Sunday or Tuesday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

May Class

Starts on May 26 2022 - Ends on Nov 24 2022

Live Sessions: Monday or Wednesday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

June Class

Starts on Jun 30 2022 - Ends on Dec 29 2022

Live Sessions: Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

Learn Growth Management from the top industry experts

Youssef El Akkari

Growth Consultant & Podcast Host

@ Khamsa Business

Hazem El-Senoussi

Managing Director

@ MagnaBlitz

Hany Olama

General Manager & Ecommerce Expert

@ Yajny

Yasser AbdelGawad

Co-Founder and Marketing Officer

@ YodawyApp

Nourhan M. Salah

Head of Growth Marketing

@ Wssel

Meet more mentors

Expert mentors from top companies


Guaranteed Job or Your Money Back

We find out what top companies require from Growth Managers and incorporate it into your learning, helping you match what they need. When you are ready, you can start applying for jobs through our dedicated career partners. If you don't get hired within 6 months after graduating from the program, we guarantee your money back. Invest in your future now.

Our graduates work at top tech companies


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Loved by hundreds of students worldwide

Our learners rate us 5/5 on Switchup

The bootcamp boosted my career in a way I can't imagine, not only my career but also my way of thinking, knowledge, work skills and many more. I'm not a perfect student but a hard worker and those people will simply let you bring the best out of you. Thanks to all of the KO team.

Amr Mansour, Growth Marketer @ Tripdizer

Knowledge Officer is a professional learning tool that helped me achieve my career goals. The simple and organized platform provided a great learning experience. Talk about real-life examples with my mentors which all made for a really enjoyable and informative Bootcamp!

Karam Hawary, Product Manager @ Wuzzuf

Frequently Asked Questions

It's simple
  • You are not at a total loss; there are online sessions, mentor check-ins, and program admins helping you every step of the way.
  • You are not learning at random; you're progressing on a learning path towards clear learning objectives, all created and validated by the world's top experts in their fields.
  • Your learning is not detached from the 'real world'; you are continually being mentored and assessed throughout the program by experts from the world's top companies.
You can apply by following the below process:
  • Application Form: Select the cohort you prefer and fill its corresponding application form . Within 2 weeks, a program admin will contact you to schedule the online screening interview.
  • Screening Interview: You will be having an online screening interview with the assigned Program Head to evaluate how well you meet the program requirements.
  • Acceptance Email: Within 2 weeks from the interview, you will receive an acceptance email at your email address of application. A payment link will be included in the email to collect the program fees. If you do not receive an acceptance email, you will receive a feedback email and we highly request you to check our other programs for better eligibility.
  • Welcome Email: Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a welcome email within one week of the program start, providing you with all the tools necessary to start the program successfully.
  • At all steps, there will be a program admin assisting you throughout the application process.

Ideal Knowledge Officer Pro candidates are professionals with 1-2+ years of working experience in their career goal of choice or any related career. The program is created for professionals who are interested in pursuing further career progression or making a career shift.

If you decide to cancel before we begin the service or within the first week of the beginning of your cohort, you will be able to receive full reimbursement. However, if you decide to cancel afterwards, the payments you have made will be under Knowledge Officer's purview to reimburse if you are not offered a full-time job within 12 months after the start date of the program. You can cancel your KO Pro subscription using this form.

Yes, you can. In fact, we expect you to invest an average of 8-10 hours weekly in your learning for best results. We offer the shortest and most efficient learning paths to help you achieve your career goals.

We're so confident that Knowledge Officer Pro will provide you with all the skills and experience necessary to secure a new job. When graduating from Knowledge Officer, we will provide you with two routes to getting a new job:
  • We will share your bio with a number of our partner companies who are regularly looking to hire.
  • We will provide you with all of the tools necessary to find a job on your own.
For more details, please check our Job Guarantee T&Cs.
To qualify for the job guarantee:
  • You must have graduated from a Knowledge Officer Pro program.
  • You must be actively looking for employment.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be legally able to work in your country of residence or in the country where you are seeking employment without the need for sponsorship.
  • You must be able to relocate within your country of residence or to move to any location in the country where you are seeking employment.
Currently, the countries covered by this job guarantee are Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

We are committed to helping you get a job in your career goal of choice since the beginning of your KO Pro program. Our job guarantee lasts for six months after your graduation. If upon the expiry of this six-month period, you still cannot get a job, you will have a period of 14 days to submit your refund request and ask for your money back. In order for your refund request to be successful, we will require you to provide evidence that you have been actively seeking work over the job guarantee timeframe. For more details, please check our Job Guarantee T&Cs.

Apply now to supercharge your Growth Management career

The Career Accelerator Pro Program costs just £1500
Select a class to apply or contact us for more information.

March Class

Starts on Mar 31 2022 - Ends on Sep 29 2022

Live Sessions: Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

April Class

Starts on Apr 28 2022 - Ends on Oct 27 2022

Live Sessions: Sunday or Tuesday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

May Class

Starts on May 26 2022 - Ends on Nov 24 2022

Live Sessions: Monday or Wednesday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

June Class

Starts on Jun 30 2022 - Ends on Dec 29 2022

Live Sessions: Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30 PM Cairo time

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