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How to Get into Project Management

Project Managers are increasingly demanded in the UK which opens up new opportunities if you want to switch careers, especially from the tech field. This mini-course gives you a sufficient overview of how to get into the Project Management field: get exposure to the required skills, popular terms, and methodologies, as well as the secret behind passing a Project Management interview

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Program Length

1 week duration


No experience needed


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Industry recognised certificate

What skills this course covers

  • Project Management Methodologies

  • Leadership Skills

  • Communication Skills

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the most important terms of Project Management

  • Recognize the different methodologies of Project Management

  • Choose the best Project Management methodology to work with

  • Identify the skill set of a successful Project Manager in 2020

  • Have exposure to the most important Project Management interview questions

  • Pass your first Project Management job interview

  • Get an industry-recognised certificate

Course overview

Find out exactly what you will learn below

Resource 1/6

What Does A Project Manager Do?

Resource 2/6

Project Management Terms You Need to Know.

Resource 3/6

The Most Popular Project Management Methodologies.

Resource 4/6

A Project Manager's Skillset.

Resource 5/6

How to Pass your Project Management Interview?

Resource 6/6

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How to Get into Project Management

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