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Mindful ‘remote conflict’ management and resolution

This mini-course is designed to address, manage and resolve conflicts in remote workplaces, with a focus on tech industries. Workplace conflicts cost companies $359 billion in paid hours every year according to CPP Global. Unfortunately, with the new inevitable norm of remote work, conflicts become more challenging to be addressed and resolved.

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The key objective of our course

This course aims at helping companies reduce the cost and the undesirable consequences of remote conflict. There are three pillars that are the focus of our course design:


To be fully aware of the sources and the nature of remote conflicts


To be equipped with practical tactics and tools that can help you resolve and manage inevitable remote conflicts.


To be able to create a healthy remote working environment.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Develop a solid understanding of the causes and nature of conflicts in a remote workplace.

  • Use the suitable tools of communication for the nature of different conflicts.

  • Apply evidence-based strategies to resolve and manage conflicts.

  • Deal with common remote conflict scenarios.

  • Prepare a remote workplace environment with healthy team dynamics.

Course overview

Find out exactly what you will learn below

Resource 1/3

The nature and causes of ‘remote conflicts’

Resource 2/3

Remote conflict resolution and management

Resource 3/3

Providing healthy remote work environment

Mindful ‘remote conflict’ management and resolution

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