egFWD and Knowledge Officer are teaming up

We are excited to announce our partnership with EgyptFWD an initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to provide Egyptian youth with access to Udacity’s international upskilling programs with the target of propelling them in the international and national job markets as part of the Digital Egypt Strategy by the Ministry.

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About this partnership

The partnership involves onboarding EgyptFWD graduates from Udacity’s learning experience to Knowledge Officer’s innovative employment platform offering them last-mile training together with placement opportunities in 100s of tech companies. EgyptFWD and Knowledge Officer have put together some strong targets for 2022 which include offering this last-mile training to thousands of EgyptFWD graduates and placing part of them in tech-related jobs in the fields of Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Product Management, and Customer Service.

Why hire with us?

Last mile training

The first step involves onboarding egFWD Udacity graduates to Knowledge Officer’s innovative employment platform to get an accelerated last-mile training. This training enriches their knowledge and understanding of their chosen career path.

Assessments - up to 2 assessments

To assess candidates qualifications, we give them the opportunity to go through 2 assessments where they get the chance to showcase what they have learnt and gained in the past couple of months.

Interview with an expert

Candidates then go through an interview with one of our experienced assessors. They get graded and assessed across their soft skills and technical skills.

Meeting with the hiring company

Finally, successful candidates are passed over to the hiring manager in the partner company where they get the chance to assess the candidate from a cultural fit perspective as well.